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2017-04-27 8:36:12 PM

Rodea the Sky Soldier  

by NIS America

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Soar through the air as Rodea, a humanoid robot soldier with incredible flight capabilities. When the Naga Empire descends upon the sky kingdom of Garuda, Rodea is called back into action to continue a fight that began over 1,000 years ago. With the help of spirited inventor Ion, piece together fragments of Rodea’s clouded memories of the past and restore peace to the skies.

Run, blast, boost and fly around four unique areas, from unbearably hot volcanoes to chilly snow-capped worlds, set high among the clouds. Keep Rodea soaring freely through the sky by collecting Graviton crystals that fuel your gravity manipulation device.

Alter your flight trajectory to curve around obstacles, and chain moves together to send your scores sky high! Master dynamic acrobatic combat to dodge, weave and attack enemies big and small. Scale mechanical guardians colossal in size and ,where normal attacks won’t do, find and expose their weakpoints to bring them down.

You’ll also duel against Naga Empire’s own humanoid robot soldiers, the R Series. AN evolved series of Rodea’s design, each one of these rivals is outfitted with unique and superior abilities that you’ll need to overcome.

Whatever the Naga Empire throws at you, upgrade Rodea’s speed, attack power, flight abilities and more by spending Mech Pieces, earned by defeating enemies and clearing stages. As you power up Rodea’s functions, replay your favourite levels to set new speed records, increase your score and uncover new secrets and hidden items.

Discover an exciting aerial adventure among the clouds in Rodea the Sky Soldier.

  • Protect the skies of Garuda from the Naga Empire in this high-flying adventure
  • Fly freely through the world using Rodea’s abilities to chain moves together and attack enemies
  • Battle against rival R Series robots, and take on colossal guardians that are hundreds of times the size of Rodea
  • Upgrade Rodea’s abilities to set new records, increase your scores and find new hidden secrets

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