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2017-11-18 7:22:46 PM

Ornament: Poké Ball Glass Set - ThinkGeek 

by ThinkGeek

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Capture the holiday spirit!

Whether you've been playing the game since Pokémon Red and Blue (or even Green), or you've only just discovered the magic of Pokémon, we can make your holiday this year a little more festive with Pokémon-themed holiday decorating inspiration!

First, stick a Staryu on the top of your tree. Not only does it make a lovely topper, but also this Water-type will help keep your tree happy. 

Then scatter some Cryogonal around the place. This Ice-type works no matter what your beliefs, unless your belief is "I hate snow."

Lastly, get this Poké Ball Glass Ornament Set to hang from your tree. This set of 4 large ornaments with red and white metallic sheen is sure to capture the holiday spirit. Just don't hang them low enough for small hands to grab. They're breakable and not for throwing. Not even for a Santa hat Pikachu.

Oh, and be sure to stock up on lots of candy. Not for evolving. Just for you.

Product Specifications

  •     Poké Ball Glass Ornament Set
  •     Officially-licensed Pokémon merchandise 
  •     A ThinkGeek creation 
  •     Set of 4 large ornaments for your Christmas tree
  •     Note: Breakable! Not for throwing! 
  •     Materials: Glass
  •     Dimensions: 3" diameter
  •     Weight: 1 1/4 oz.

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